Thursday, 21 March 2013

Mad, Bad and Sad!

Yesterday the Planning Committee met to consider the renewal of the Mountgrange plans for Caltongate by new developers Artisan.
Presentations were heard from heritage and community groups who urged the committee to work in the public interest and adhere to the most up to date planning policies and guidance and other material objections as well as from the developers representative from GVA Grimley and the councils planning officer who recommended approval of the whole scheme as the applications could not be considered independently from each other. Renewal of all the applications was needed to raise finance to allow developers to continue the consultation on a revised scheme for the Southern site and the offices.

Green Councillor Nigel Bagshaw proposed refusal of the applications to extend the life of these failed consents but was supported only by Conservative Councillor Joanna Mowett, who also declared during the debate that she had been wrong to support the original applications the Committee back in 2008, on the basis that the demolitions could no longer be justified.

Support for the approval was led by Convenor Ian Perry, who felt it was necessary to 'trust' the developer to use the renewed consents only to raise finance to develop new detailed plans for a new scheme and enable a start on developments on Calton Road not to progress any demolitions.
The applications were approved 11 votes to 2.

The applications will not need to be referred to Scottish Government for final approval.

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