Thursday, 7 February 2013

Mountgrange Architect critic of Caltongate demolitions

 Shortly before developers Artisan offered to buy up East Market St in December 2011, one of the Architects involved in a particularly controversial part of the scheme was heard speaking out against the demolitions and highlighting the value of this site. The need for new plans and the value of the councils assets in Caltongate are explained by Malcom Fraser in his after dark debate at the Urban Room

Unfortunately the last administration saw fit to give this valuable public land to Artisan who now wish to extend the life of the failed consents!

The Planning department have now confirmed that the consultation period/planning portal for the Caltongate renewal plans WILL close tomorrow,Friday 8th.
We expect that means midnight but you can also send an email or letter which provided it is received on Friday must be considered.

So you only have a day left to OBJECT

Some of us have been finding it very difficult and time consuming using the portal to address all the issues to all the applications and instead chose to write one letter which applies to all the applications. If you too are finding it hard here is template letter which may help.

Please personalise copy/cut and paste/ print and use whatever bits you agree with to make your own letter (make sure to date it and include your name and address) which you can then 

deliver to the planning desk at Waverley court
or email to
East Market Street Party 2006 before Caltongate was approved

David Leslie
Head of Planning and Building Standards
City of Edinburgh Council
Waverley Court
East Market St

(Please copy to planning case officers Daniel Lodge and Jennifer Paton)

I wish to lodge an OBJECTION to Planning applications
Refs; 13/00096/FUL, 13/00090/FUL, 13/00095/FUL, 13/00088/FUL, 13/00094/FUL, 13/00085/FUL, 13/00107/LBC, 13/00102/LBC, 13/00093/FUL, 13/00092/FUL, 13/00103/FUL, 13/00106/FUL, 13/00101/LBC, 13/00091/FUL, 13/00100/LBC

for the 'Caltongate Development Site', - Canongate, East Market St, Cranston St, Jeffrey St, New St and Calton Road.

All the original objections submitted by heritage and community groups to all the original applications (now subject of applications seeking consent to vary conditions) are still valid.

The original plans were speculative and the economic benefits presented as justifications for these applications, are 5 years old and clearly no longer valid or credible.

The demolitions are unsustainable, unjustified and not supported by new National planning guidance SHEP.
The application should include an updated Environmental Impact Assessment

All the proposed developments are of a quality, style and layout which will cause significant damage to the local environment, residential amenity, key views and skylines, heritage value of the conservation area, and the authenticity of Edinburgh's World Heritage Site.

The plans conflict with local and national policies on sustainable development, community empowerment and climate change.

The developer has stated the justification for applications is commercial because 'The expiry of consents may devalue the site”
THIS IS NOT A MATERIAL PLANNING CONSIDERATION and therefore cannot be used as a justification to breach conservation and planning policy by developers, just as it cannot be used as a reason for objections.

The existing plans should be allowed to lapse and these applications REFUSED as they may prejudice the development of new improved plans and development opportunities coming forward.


  1. Anyone putting in an objection should also ensure their name and address is on the email, otherwise it could be discarded as invalid... afaik anyway.

  2. Portal still appears to be open but if in doubt email planning officers direct
    before midnight

  3. All the applications and instead chose to write one letter..Great portal..Thanks!!