Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Community Mapping in the Old Town

Community mapping is becoming recognised as a valuable tool for community engagement. SOOT first undertook a community mapping exercise as part of the action research project in 2008 and found it a really useful tool in encouraging members of the community to express their views on the local environment, identifying problems and well loved places.

The full report, including details of community mapping and other activities and research undertaken for the Canongate Project Report can be found here

Here are a couple of examples of maps produced during the Canongate Project

Its encouraging to see other organisations now also undertaking mapping exercises as a way to get a better understanding of the area and allow participants to engage more fully in consultations about the city's environment.
Edinburgh World Heritage Trust have recently undertaken a community mapping exercise as part of their Green Heritage Project and hope to present their results this summer.

Last weekend as part of the ongoing consultation on the Royal Mile Project, CEC undertook some Community Mapping as part of the activities for engagement. 

The Royal Mile team will continue with this mapping exercise visiting children from the local Primary schools and the maps are informing local street artists who are developing a new piece of work on the New Street boards .

It is hoped that this kind of engagement will lead to improvements to the Canongate, High Street and Lawnmarket which benefit locals and visitors and restore some of the variety of shops and livability of areas of the Royal Mile
In the meantime, here are some more examples of the maps produced during the Canongate Project.

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