Thursday, 22 December 2011

Communities speak up

OTCC will present their deputation to council this morning requsting members pause and reflect on the mistakes made by previous council

" The future of our city and how we protect and develop it will certainly be high on the
agenda at the coming elections.
This council was limited in its ability to respond to the failure of the Caltongate
scheme during the start of the recession by being locked into a land deal with
Mountgrange secured by the previous administration and left to the mercy of the
banks to control the use or sale of public assets.
By agreeing this sale and giving Artisan an unconditional option to progress this
development investment, you (Councillors) will again tie the hands of any incoming
council to respond to new opportunities, policies and plans.
It is undemocratic for officials to rush a decision on this land sale at a pre Christmas
committee without affording time for councillors and the community to scrutinise the
details of this offer or consider alternatives."

The Splashback campaign will also be presenting a deputation urging the council to NOT close Leith Waterworld

You can follow the debate on Caltongate and Leithwaterworld live with @STVEdinburgh on twitter 

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