Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Canongate Revisited

The historic Royal Burgh of CANONGATE has been home to many craft and trade guilds, artists, writers musicians and poets over the centuries, none of which felt the need to rename the area.

Caltongate is a name synonymous with bad planning, bully boy developers and corrupt councillors and should be dumped along with the plans which have now been abandoned as no such place exists.

Many still remember the area as a hub of creative activity. Most recently the Old bus depot, now demolished, was the birthplace of the Bongo Club and Out of the Blue, a home to many other arts groups, local traders and community groups. The Canongate Venture which is remembered by some older members in the community as a school (both as a primary and later as a school for building trades), it has also provided affordable workshop space for craft workers and independent businesses for over 30years.

Surely it is now time to open the doors to new tenants and community groups who can contribute to the cultural and creative heritage of the building, answer calls to relet the council flats  on the Canongate and  restore this area as hub of creative activity.

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