Monday, 29 March 2010

Graffiti and gap sites

Here we see a terrible example of neglect!
Although the graffiti adds some colour to the otherwise sterile space left after the demolition of New St Bus Depot, don't forget the community were promised a temporary landscape art scheme to be implemented if the redevelopment of the site was delayed at all.

However, the only work to continue on this site is the regular repainting of the blue hoardings around it by CEC staff to remove graffiti or fly posting. Whilst many may object to graffiti and consider it vandalism it must be considered in terms of it's location. Is it really vandalism when it is located on the walls of a BIG UGLY GAPSITE? A big ugly gapsite which speculative developers gave up on when it was revealed a year ago to be toxic. A big ugly gapsite which is controlled by administrators who still expect the public purse to cover the costs of maintaining security fencing round it and who insist that council owned workshops and houses are kept empty.

Many of those who remember the bus depot and the mix of creative enterprise and talent which emerged from it will remember the art work which was created inside there both in car park/Sunday market and Old Bongo Club and studios.
Now Edinburgh's official graffiti wall is to be removed at Potterrow maybe it is time to recreate space for street art in the Canongate's biggest gapsite! After all there is little other space available for artists to practice in the Old Town since the New St studios and workspaces were demolished and CEC closed down the Canongate Venture.


  1. really good article Julie with some great links to GRAFFITI....I can feel some plans hatching!!

  2. Pleased to see the new blog site! I'll link to it tomorrow on my morning post for Edinburgh Guardian, and mention the article. I think it's a great idea to use the area constructively for graffiti art.

    Why is the area near Potterrow coming down?


  3. Brilliant post, its an interesting spot, and this is informative for those who have not had the opportunity of seeing the spot.